BIG Sable Point

Big Sable Point Kiteboarding from Michigan Dawn Patrol on Vimeo.

I’d been mentally preparing myself for a kiteboard session every day for the past couple weeks only to see the forecast change for the worse each time I was able to get out. Friday night it had been going strong late into the afternoon but as soon as I got out of work the wind quit working too. Sunday was different. It was game day. The forecast called for strong winds at all the major points so we decided to try our luck kiteboarding at Big Sable Point.

Big Sable is not much longer of a drive from Grand Haven than Little Sable since it’s all highway to Ludington.  I have to confess that I have mixed feelings about Big Sable and Ludington in general. I’d been skunked at Big Sable Point twice before and the Ludington Orioles were the Manistee Chippewa’s(my hometown team) biggest rival in sports so I still hold a grudge against the town. On the other hand Stearns Park has a great elbow off the pier that can create some nice long waves on a strong southwest wind and Big Sable is a picturesque Pure Michigan destination.

Looking South from Big Sable Point
Looking South from Big Sable Point

We decided to check out Stearns Park first.  When we arrived the sand and trees were blowing but the water was strangely calm.  We went to the pier for a better look and that’s when we felt the wind.  Sailboats were coming into the harbor and the water there was rippling.  We blew up our “small” kites and hit the lake.  Near shore there was little wind but once we got out past the elbow it was in the low to mid 20 knot range.  We were having a blast boosting on the flat water near the pier.  It was refreshing to be kiteboarding farther north in Michigan and finally see some clear blue water.  After a half hour of riding the wind suddenly stopped and Jetty and I both struggled to keep our kites from falling out of the sky.  We managed to body drag several hundred yards to get back to shore.

After a close call at Stearns Park it was time to go to BIG Sable point.  Our buddy TC was in Manistee over the weekend and drove down to join us.  The wind at Big Sable was on and off, but when it was on, it was steady and strong.  The waves were a little mushy with some decent swells forming a couple hundred yards out.  Near shore the choppy waves created some excellent kickers and I looked over my shoulder a couple times to see Jetty boosting to the moon!   The view from the water was great.   Hamlin Lake and the lighthouse made for a stellar backdrop.  TC got a little quality time body dragging but the inconsistent wind made it a little difficult for learning.  After the wind died again late in the afternoon we packed up and made the drive back to Grand Haven satisfied with another great session on the Great Lakes!