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We grew up in Northern Michgan and now live in West Michigan. We are always trying to score our next ride at locations all over the third coast and want to share our experiences with you. Feel free to contact us anytime if you are interested in kiteboarding in Michigan and want some advice on where to go or if you want to share your knowledge and experiences.

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  • Sweet website, thanks for dropping some knowledge on a newbie.
    I’ll be out at my in-law’s cottage about a half mile south of Little Sable Point Lighthouse this coming Sunday (5-1-16). I saw you had a picture up on your website near to there. I’m a beginner but I have all of the equipment and I’m excited to learn this year. Wondering if you think Sunday will be a good day to get out at that location and if anyone will be out there that I could learn a thing or two from. Let me know!


    • Thanks for the feedback Nicholas! You’ll have to keep a close eye on the weather this weekend. Looking like mostly East to Northeast wind which would be offshore at Little Sable Point and most areas on the West Coast. These are not good conditions for riding. I am envious of your in laws cottage on south of the point thoughDefinitely one of the best places for wind in the lower peninsula especially when the wind is out of the south. Sunday is probably your best chance to get out. If you see wind readings out of the N or NNE your best bet would be to go to Cedar Point park which is a few miles North of the point. With northerly winds you should have side on conditions which are good for a beginner. Otherwise you could always practice your kite skills on the beach. If this is your first time you really need to be careful and you may want to consider calling Mackite in Grand Haven for lessons. I don’t think anyone will be at LSP this weekend unless the forecast changes.

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