Petobego Pond

Potebego pond, traverse city, mi

Current Weather Conditions(GTLM4)

Best Wind Directions for Kiteboarding: Southwest. A straight south can be gusty.

Best Conditions for Surf: Inland body of water is too flat for wave riding.

Facilities: None.  Surrounded by private property.

Parking: Limited. The pond is a mile hike from the lot.

Park at Maple Bay and it’s about a mile from the parking area to the pond. Follow the conservancy-posted signs that indicate that you can walk along the shoreline all the way to the public land (the area between Maple Bay and Petobego is privately-owned, and once you get a bit into the hike, signs just ask that you don’t trespass up onto the land). The sand is mostly packed, so it’s not an arduous trek, though you will probably have to divert into the water a bit here and there to avoid the driftwood. -Thanks to Adventures Up North for the great directions!