First trip to the Mecca for 2012!

Little Sable Point that is.  Amazing, hot, sunny weekend in mid May made for some riding.  Saturday got a light wind riding session in at North Muskegon state park.  Wind died by 2pm so we decided that Sunday we would have to rode trip up to LSP.

Pulled into the LSP parking lot at 10:30 and geared up and headed down to the beach.  Sunny, warm, and a good wind with some whitecaps, so I rigged my 12m and set out.  By now it was 11 and I only made two tacks in and out and I was way overpowered.  Couldn’t hold the kite down.  Landed and let some other kiters know it was picking up in a good way!  Back at the car picking up my 8m, talked to a fellow kiter who said Saturday it blew 20 t0 25 until 6pm.  Quite a different story than in Muskegon.  Anyways, got my 8 rigged and up in no time and got out again.  Just right this time.  Perfect conditions for boosting to the moon, launching off waves and trying some new tricks.

Came in around 1 for some lunch when DP showed up and I let him take my 8m out for a spin.  He was powered up good so that meant it was really blowing now.  I neglected to bring my 5.5m so we were gonna have to take turns for the rest of the afternoon.  Well, it turned out that the wind picked up so much I couldn’t keep my 8m down anymore.  Must’ve been blowing 30 knots by now.  The sand dunes are big at LSP and they heat up so much in the sun that it just sucks the cooler air in over the water like crazy.

I wanted to show off a back roll even though I was overpowered so I went back out.  Landed the first one nicely, but then I went up for the second one and a gust took my kite!  Oh boy!  I don’t send my kite when I do a backroll, but I might as well have becuase I went flying!!!  Spinning from my backroll attempt and wondering when I was going to come back down to earth was an experience.  Haha!   I didn’t slam too hard and my lines only twisted a few times so reluanch and board retrieval wasn’t too bad.  Wish we got a video of that!  Last jump attempt of the day for me.  DP rode some more and got in some nice boosts as well.  He had a good time riding a kite smaller than at 12m for the first time.  Stopped at the Red Fox Barn on the way home for some tasting and a bottle of Oceana County wine which was enjoyed later that night.  Hopefully get some more good sessions at the Mecca in 2012.  Got some video and pics from the top of the lighthouse….