Forest Festival Throwdown!

The week of the 4th of July

One of our favorite festivals on the big lake is the Manistee National Forest Festival.  This year had an added bonus of a 20 – 25 knot north wind on the final saturday of the festival.  Through our couple years of kiteboarding now, we have found that there might not be a better spot on the northern Michigan west coast to ride a north wind.  This day did not disappoint.  We got down to first st beach around 9 am and claimed our spot next to the pier.  Had to wait until about 11 until the wind picked up to 15 knots and started out on our big kites.  By 1 in the afternoon the wind was up to 20, 25 and the small kites were out!  The water was warm and some 3 to 4 footers started to wrap around the elbow on the south pier as well.  We got to put on a show for the festival goers on the one week a year when the beaches are busy in Manistee.  It was also great to get to ride in front of friends and family who were in town for the festival as well.  Finally, left the beach at 7 pm completely exhausted and sunburnt, but worth every minute.  Later that night, was the yearly celebration at Aquapalooza aka the beer tent!