Guest Post: Up North Surf Report

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Ludington State Park

Amazing weekend. Sunny with high water and air temps. Friday, Jeff Hessler (Betsie Bay Jeff) in Frankfort told me his wife reported that surf was very small. Then I got word from Matt that Frankfort was having long, clean rollers from the second ladder; long rides on his stand up paddle surfboard, but not enough wind for kiteboarding. When I got there the rides were from the first ladder. It was a nice, easy day with warm air and water. Only 2 other surfers were on the water when I was there.

Frankfort on Friday Night

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Bonus on Saturday. Jeff made me drive down to Big Sable Point so my wife could watch our grand-daughter while he kite-boarded (he never did get it up: he didn’t want to mess with his 17M). I took my board. When we got there Matt was flying around along with 3 other kite-boarders.

Matt ripping up the OR Duke

The waves did not look promising: mostly closing out. I thought I would get beat up without catching a ride, but I went out anyway. After watching for a while I staked out a spot where the closing seemed to move parallel to the beach, if not a nice curl. I had my smaller board, so I was prepared to fall a lot.

Beautiful water and weather at Big Sable

To my surprise, it was rough, but not choppy. There were no swells coming from all angles (maybe that is because the wind, although not strong, was from the south for several days). The swells maxed out at about waist to chest high. Rides were stronger and faster than Frankfort the previous day. So it was a matter of grabbing a ride and hanging on. Not long rides, but stokers. It was surf like none that I had experienced before.

Frank, a kite-boarder from Grandville, was out there after Matt left. He inspired me to get back to work on learning to kite-board.

Light wind but nice waves!

So check out Jeff’s pics from his new toy. Sable Point was an amazing discovery. I’ll be back.

-Papa John

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