Head High in Frankfort


Surfers enjoying the nice conditions on Wednesday against the backdrop of a full on double rainbow.

Surf was up in Frankfort this past Wednesday and it may have been the last warm weather surf conditions we will see on Lake Michigan for the rest of the year. My dad was up there and texted me a nice report of the conditions and a few pics.

” November 18,2015. Frankfort, Michigan. Head high surf. @5:00PM eight long boarders, one SUP surfer, no kiteboarders
I walked my board out the pier then decided to take a ‘get acquainted’ ride to shore on my knees.

Got rolled by some powerful waves and thought maybe that would be my only ride. Then chatted with the owner of the Beachnut surf shop, watched some surfers catch a few rides. It looked easy enough. Decided to try to catch one myself. Fell off a few times in the effort, drifted closer to shore where the big ones were breaking hard. Got rolled, came up to catch air just before another quickly broke on me. Then again. Got to shore realizing that I was over my head. (Or maybe I need a different board. But the board doesn’t make a difference when you wipe out in big surf.)

I’m glad to have gotten out. You can learn something every time even if you’re not getting sweet rides😊”

Snow is in the forecast for this weekend but forecasters are predicting and I’m hoping for a mild winter and a few more days like this. -DP

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Jeff learned to windsurf as a kid on the coast of Lake Michigan in Manistee and has been addicted to wind sports ever since. He took up kiteboarding after moving back to West Michigan in 2008.