Kiteboarding Exuma Island……Shark

Riding from the sandbar
Riding from the sandbar

I just got back from a great trip to Exuma Island in the Bahamas. Weather was in 80’s and sunny everyday. I brought my gear down with the hope of riding in the warm blue clear waters. Well the wind didn’t pan out as well as I hoped, but I did get one good afternoon in. The wind was SE to begin with and nearly side shore to side off, gusting from around 13 to 20 + knots.

The first session of the day began on the beach where the lulls were too low right on the beach so I had to drift launch offshore 100 ft offshore or so. This was a first for me, but Gary the local kitesurfer told me that’s what I had to do and he had a boat for backup in case I couldn’t get back to shore. Once I got out a ways the kite launched off the water no problem and I was in good wind and riding. I rode for a half hour or so out in the open water, but worried about getting back the whole time. The wind seemed like it was shifting even more offshore so I decided to try and get back to the beach. I got as much speed built up as I could and edged hard upwind. I got pretty close to the kitebeach, but my momentum died and the kite dropped maybe 50 ft from the beach, over my head in water. After relaunching a couple times and drifting further down the beach I finally got close enough to touch the bottom and walk to shore.

The second session 45 min later, Gary took us out to an outer Cay where the wind was more consistent and it had a sandbar launch, sweet! I looked really good. I was so pumped to get out and ride that I didn’t get the kite cam secured very well. So, the video is a little off and eventually it just totally got out of position. Anyways, it was an awesome session. The sandbar provided some flat water and a nurse shark even came around. You can see the shark in the video about half way through. The first pass of the shark, I had no idea it swam by and only saw it from the

kite cam video later. Then, while I was riding, Gary waved me back to the sandbar to tell me a nurse shark was out there so I wouldn’t freak out! They are pretty harmless, so I did a ride by it. Luckily he wasn’t hungry cause the wind died as I went out towards him and I wasn’t moving to fast.

Well enjoy the video and pictures. Thanks to Gary for being accommodating and helpful the entire week and especially the day we got out to ride.