Kiteboarding Season is Here!

The last week  has been insane!  Rode 5 days out of 7 with 4 of the days in the upper 20’s to over 30 knots.  Could’ve been 7 out of 8 days too but you can only tell the girlfriend and family “It’s windy out today and I have to kiteboard” so many times. Anyways, the first of the five was the “Lesson in Grand Haven” day.  See earlier post, as it didn’t turn out to be the greatest day.  The following day, Wednesday was off the hook.  DP and I met up at North Shore beach in Grand Haven to be treated to 30 knot winds out of the south, 8 to 10 foot waves at least and warm water.  I started out on my 5.5m and DP took out the 8m and we were GOOD for awhile, then the sun went behind a giant cloud up in the sky and the wind seemed to come down a little.  I got underpowered on the 5.5m and DP was a little bit too on the 8m.  DP was a saint that day and gave blood, so he wore out quicker and I jumped on the 8m to finish out the night.  Perfect!  Had a blast till I began to get tired and got tumbled in a wave.  Kite dropped and I called it a day.  Finished the night off with a home brewed trippel and some pizza from Fricano’s.  Check out the vid…

The next day I got out was Saturday.  It started out with a nice surprise looking out my front window to the north I saw 3 waterspouts.  First time I’ve ever seen them, or maybe knew what I was seeing.  They were really far out and my phone camera isn’t the best, but you can see them here. 

After the exciting morning I was waiting for the wind to pick up in the afternoon out of the NW and it did in a big way.  Sun came out, wind in the upper 20’s and I rode in front of Grand Haven State Park for the afternoon.  By far the best waves I’ve ridin Grand Haven.  They were coming in clean, steep, peeling and big.  Probably in the 6 to 8 foot range.  The best wave session I’ve had all year, so far 🙂  The only downer was my gopro died after about 10 minutes and I got no video or pictures of the awesomeness  (Still figuring out technology I guess).

Sunday was another NW wind day, but gusty cold and not much waves.  Started out on my 12m and soon realized that my hands were going numb without gloves on and I was way overpowered in the gusts.  Took a break, pumped up the 8m and put my gloves on.  Rode for another hour struggling through the lulls, but nicely powered in the gusts and got some nice boosts in close to the pier in Grand Haven.  Can’t complain too much!

Monday, was another epic day.  Windiest day yet with consistent SW wind at 28 to 29 and gusts up to 33 knots.  DP and I met up after work at North Shore in Grand Haven to find some gnarly conditions, so we decided to take a ride up to North Muskegon state park and ride behind the pier there where it has the elbow.  Turned out to be pretty gnarly there too, but a little bit better.  Anyways, we underestimated the wind a little and DP tried going out on the 12m.  He only lasted one tack and had to bring it down.  I went out on the 8m fully depowered for awhile and another kiter, Vlad, let DP use his 9m.  It was pretty onshore and I wore out quickly, especially after the weekend of riding and then taking a pounding in the surf and dropping my kite and having to retrieve my board.  So, I called it a day, but DP got back out on my 8m and ripped it up into the sunset.  I watched and took some video for him.  Vlad from Grand Rapids was ripping it up way out in the far break too.  Amazing night 🙂

– Jetty