Kiteboarding the Sleeping Bear and Manistee

Esch Rd beach is in the SE corner of Platte Bay.
Esch Rd beach is in the SE corner of Platte Bay.

This past weekend the forecast looked good to head up north for some kiteboarding.  Saturday was calling for a north wind around 15 knots, and DP was camping at the Platte River Campground so I met up with him and few others to try riding up there.  After checking out the Platte River outlet, we settled on the beach off of Esch Rd.  This is just south of Empire and part of the national park in the Platte Bay.  The wind there was up and down all afternoon going from probably 18 knots to 12 knots.  It made riding a little challenging and even frustrating at times, but it was well worth the scenery and turquoise blue waters.  Someday I would like to try the Platte River outlet too.  As you can see there is a point that comes out from Platte lake.  On the west side of the point is a nice beach where north wind is side on.  You do have to cross the river to get to it, but it’s only about 3 ft deep and warm.  DP got some pictures from the afternoon. 

The next day on Sunday the forecast was for a NNE wind at about 15 to 20 knots.  The best place we know for this forecast in northern MI is in Manistee.  Sunday did not disappoint 🙂  I started out a little South of Manistee for a solo sesh with my 12 just after noon.  Then my buddy showed up for some lessons.  By 2:30 the wind was building and the shorebreak was getting a little a big for lessons, so we went up to Manistee First Beach to ride south of the pier.  GOOD DECISION!  As we set up there, the sand was blowing and it was on.  Wind was consistent and blowing from 20 to 24 knots.  Butter next to the pier and medium rollers peeling off the elbow.  Some pics from the sesh.


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