Labor Day Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast 2016

Last Week – Nailed It: It was a dead calm weekend last weekend.

Tally So Far:  Nailed It – 7, Close – 13, Way Off – 0

Water Temp:  Big change here.  The NE wind from yesterday must’ve turned the lake over some.  Water temps reading in the mid 50’s now in some areas and mid 60’s in other areas.  I don’t expect it to stay that cool long.  Hopefully it will be back in the 60’s everywhere at least by Monday and even longer out get back to 70 as the weather is supposed to remain warm over the next couple weeks.

Today:  Light wind out of the east and northeast this afternoon for most of the lakeshore.  However, it looks like there is a chance for some thermal development later this afternoon from just north of Little sable point and up to Manistee, including Ludington.  Those areas could see 15 knots out of the NNW mid to late afternoon.  Enough for a big kite sesh.

Saturday:  Very light winds shifting to more of a southerly direction.  Not much potential for any thermal development either.

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Sunday:  This is looking like more of the typical south wind thermal day so the south breeze for the entire lakeshore early in the day will turn into 15 to 20 knots in the afternoon for the three points.  LSP, BSP, and Pt Betsie and areas just to the south of those spots.  Still not much beach to work with and those areas could be very busy with it being a holiday weekend.  Watch out!

Labor Day:  Best day of the weekend for wind it looks like.  The entire lakeshore should be getting 15 to 20 knots out of the SSW and the points where there will be additional thermal enhancement could go off.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see 25 knots or more at the points under the clear sunny skies.  Hopefully the beaches will be less crowded with most people on vacation traveling back home.

It should be an awesome weekend weather wise, even if the wind doesn’t cooperate.  Have a great one!

Oldie from Little Sable Point. Riding the south thermal wind
Oldie from Little Sable Point. Riding the south thermal wind
Walk of shame at Little Sable Point
Walk of shame at Little Sable Point
Really windy day at LSP
Really windy day at LSP

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  • Any thoughts on where I could ride on West Bay on Sunday? We’ll be hanging out on the Southwest end so unless the wind has a lot of east in it it will be offshore. Any parks further north that would work?

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