Lesson in Grand Haven

Been kiting alot and getting skunked alot too lately.  Tonight was a night to remember for the wrong reasons.  Forecast was for a 25 to 30 knot NW in Grand Haven all evening.  Got down to the beach by 5pm after work and rigged my 8m.  Some other guys were out riding 9’s, 10″s and a 12m.  Talked to some guys coming in and they all said it was crazy gusty.  The N wind was generating lake effect clouds and messing with the wind.  I got out and started riding.  It wasn’t too bad, but definitely didn’t feel clean enough to boost high or try any backrolls.

As I was riding I noticed a really dark cloud to the North heading our way.  I kept riding, but was very aware of the cloud and it’s distance.  At one point the wind let up so much I almost couldn’t make it back to shore.  Then it would pick up again to the point where I had to fully depower my kite.  Not good.  That is when I decided to come in and beach it, plus the dark cloud was really close now.  GOOD DECISION.  As soon as I was landed and kite secured in the sand, the gusts picked up to 35 plus and sand was blowing hard on the beach.  The dark cloud was on us now.   I looked out and the guy riding the 12m was getting lifted up out of the water and pulled down wind!  Luckily he was able to regain control and body drag back to the beach, way down the beach.  The cloud passed and the wind dropped to nothing.  End of session.  Shout out to some jet skiers who picked up the 12m guys board and brought it back to the beach for him.

I mounted my new gopro to my helmet and was hoping to have some sweet video of the experience, but in my haste to get out and ride I put it on the wrong setting and only got two lousy pictures of myself turning it on and off!  Ugh!  – Jetty