Little Sable Point Kiteboarding Session Number 2

Jetty bringing his gear down to the point at 7AM!

Jetty and a headed to Little Sable Point again a few weekends ago hoping for some more juiced up riding.  We got in at around 6:00 pm on Friday night and set up.  We were watching the Muskegon wind meter on the way down which was only blowing 12-15 knots but once we saw the trees swaying in the parking lot at LSP we knew we were in for a ride.  Must have been at least 10 knot  wind difference between LSP and Muskegon.  Started out on my big blue 15 meter Naish and rode until I was so overpowered that I couldn’t hang on to the control bar.  I rigged up Jetty’s  12 meter Cabrinha  and got back on the water.

Now that I had things under control I thought it would be a good time to try a back roll.  The water was finally warm enough that I didn’t care if I crashed and the sun was keeping me toasty in my wetsuit.  Mind you I have only had a few pathetic attempts at a backroll  last year so I wasn’t expecting much 🙂  Well to my surprise I got in a full rotation in and almost landed my first attempt!  I tried a few more times that night with varying success before parking it in for the night.  Before we got off the water got to see a legend on the water when West(of Bro-Kite) showed up from a down winder hooting hollering and tearing it up.  You can see him briefly in some of the video we took that night.

After the kiting session we grabbed some pizza at the Sand Castle in Silver Lake and then set up a tent at the Silver Lake State Park determined to get up early for a true dawn patrol session.   In the morning we packed up camp and got to the beach by 7 am.  Wind was very light and we had to wait for it to fill in before getting on the water.  By the afternoon the south thermal had kicked in and it was blowing around 25 knots.  The water was aqua blue and so clear that I could see a large Salmon swimming in between the sand bar.  I don’t have video to prove it but after eating it hard I finally did land a few back rolls going both directions.

Walk of shame at Little Sable Point

Jetty was teaching a friend how to kite in the afternoon on his 8 meter and he ended up getting up and riding by the end of the day.  By late afternoon the wind was still ripping but we were exhausted and called it a day.  Only my third time kiting the point but it has definitely become one of my favorite locations.  We got some video from Friday night…