Ludington South Pier

Well we tried something different today and rode south of the pier in Ludington. Wind forecast called for NW which looked like a perfect setup for this location. Unfortunately the wind turned straight North which was a little sketchy at this spot(should have gone to Manistee I know I know…).  Especially once the wind cranked up to 35 knots plus. But at the end of the day we got out and rode  and will live to ride another day. And I really can’t ask for much more than that on a gnarly day like today.

Running out the lines in 40 knots isn’t the easiest task.
While not real impressive from shore, Kiting next to the waves gave me a true sense of their size and power.

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I think Matt went through this wave instead of over it 😂
Scattered rain showers for most of the day but the sun poked out a few times.
The wind was blowing a solid 35-40 knots when I gave the 5.5 a try between the jetties in Ludington.
This was right before my kite folded over like a taco. 🌮 I was just starting to enjoy myself when a combination of my weight, high wind, and slightly under inflated kite caused it to fold in half as I was going to try and boost. 

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Powering over another wave. The waves today were like long 6-8 foot walls that closed out quick near shore. Definitely an adrenaline rush trying to find a path over them.
Surfer  from California showed up shortly before we left. Didn’t see him catch a wave but looked like he was having a good time out there.


See you next time!

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  • I had actually lost my board and was body dragging to get back to it when i had to go through that wave

  • Good action shots. There was a surfer at Manistee from Houghton, Michigan. He was out there for about 4 hours (no gloves or booties either). He stayed pretty much way out there past the elbow catching short rides on the big rollers. The kiteboards were out at Manistee getting lots of air. They were amazing to watch. One got 30 feet I thought, but when I talked with him later he said he was getting 50 feet. Very impressive. Good landings. I caught a few rides surfing on my SUP. It was a great day. -John Veach (now we are looking forward to a more mellow session this afternoon at Frankfort)

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