Memorial Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast

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Last Week:  Been in a light or east wind cycle now for awhile.  Time to break out of this!

Water Temp:  Not much progress lately but the forecast for the next 7 to 10 days looks promising for water temps.  I expect a significant jump a week from now.  Currently we are in the low 50’s to mid 40’s from south to north along the lakeshore.

Today:  Might be our only chance to kite is this afternoon.  I expect 15 to 20 knots from north of Muskegon up to Pt Betsie.  Stony Lake beach might be a good spot and Ludington State Park could be good.  Pt Betsie will be windy too, but there is no beach there….  Frankfort should have enough wind though.

Saturday:  Light south wind.  

Sunday:  Another day with light SSW wind.

Memorial Day:  Light and variable winds.

I wouldn’t totally rule out the chance for a thermal on any of the days (Monday would be a NW thermal) but it’s not looking good.

However, as far as weather for bbq’n and other holiday weekend festivities, it should be great!

Note:  This is not a current picture.  The lake level was much lower here.



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