Memorial Weekend Warrior Forecast 5/26, 27 & 28

Last week: Nailed It… Unfortunately. It was light and easterly all weekend.  No kiteboarding.

Tally so far: Nailed It! – 3, Close – 5, Way Off – 0

Friday: NNW thermal in Muskegon and Grand Haven in the afternoon.  As I write this, it is picking up!

Saturday: NNW thermal in Muskegon and Grand Haven in the afternoon, but later in the afternoon and probably not as strong.  It will depend on how long it stays cloudy.  Further North it looks like Manistee could see a N thermal and it should clear up sooner there.  First St Beach would be the spot there.

Sunday:  Looking light and easterly.  Probably no chance.

Monday:  Happy Memorial Day!  This is a long ways out, but it doesn’t look good anyways.  Wind looks SE and light.  If it comes around more SSE, there might be chance from Whitehall to Little Sable.  I’ll say no as of right now though. 

Got an amazing session in last night at Grand Haven, until I lost my board.  Story might be worthy of a blog post.  If you find a green and orange BRO board, call the number on it for me.  Thanks!  Anyways, have a great 3 day weekend!