Michigan Dawn Patrol Top Pictures of 2016

Every year I try to think back at this time and summarize the year some way to say good, bad, etc.  It is always good and there are always a handful of sessions that really stick out in my memory as being phenomenal.  Unfortunately, we don’t always get pictures from all of the great sessions.  Here are some that we did get! 

We had a number of West wind days in the late spring and this was a good one.

A lighter wind evening session early summer.  Thunderstorms where passing to the north but it created enough wind for some riding just south. 

Had to get one hang time picture in.  Still early summer.

Probably my favorite picture from the year.  Same day as above, but we headed on a downwinder and the sun came out and the water turned many shades of blue.  There is a lot of clay along the shore which is why the water is brown close to shore.

Same day as above.  Had some nice waves to carve up!

Riding at the Platte River outlet with Empire bluff in the background.  A really fun day.

Cruising up the river was awesome too.

And jumping the sandbar between the river and the lake!

Matt jumping the strip


Spent a weekend in Frankfort with multiple days of SSW wind.  Surfing was good!

Kiters going big!

Plenty of good waves for all.

Ready to suit up!

One for the books

Happy New Year and good winds for 2017!

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