New Years Day Waves


My wife and I were taking a drive after breakfast in Grand Haven.  As soon as we got in view of the channel we saw some very large rolling waves that were going deep into the channel.  I checked the wind conditions when I got home and at that time it was blowing 35-45 knots out of the northwest.    These were some of the longest rollers that I’ve ever seen coming off the big lake.  It looked like a skilled surfer could ride from the pier head all the way past Snug Harbor.

We continued on to the State Park to check out the action closer to the big lake.  Waves were breaking over the channel and flooding the ground almost to where we were parked.  I took a short video of the action and then we went back to the parking lot by Snug to try and catch some of the big channel rollers on film.  Unfortunately they were gone…  I’ll definitely keep an eye on the channel next time it’s blowing 40+ on a NW wind to get a better look at these amazing GH channel waves.