Nomad Round 1

Good day in Grand Haven, MI today for some juiced up riding.  Wind was blowing out of the NNW at about 25 knots with some higher gusts.  It was sunny with air temp in the upper 40’s and water temp in the lower 40’s.  The water is still cold enough so the waves weren’t too big.  Probably ranged from 3 to 5 ft and  just warm enough with the clear sky.  I was stoked to try out my new 5.5m Nomad.

As always, something interesting occured setting up.  I pumped my kite, rigged and put the rest up my wetsuit gear on.  By the time I was ready to launch, my bladder had deflated significantly so I had to re pump.  Fortunately, another kiter came up and asked what was wrong.  It turns out that the rubber valve which is underneath the cap that screws on got sand in it.  He told me to lift up under the rubber valve and blow out every single bit of sand.  Apparently when sand gets under the valve it will let air out and when the wind is strong it is pretty easy to get blowing sand in it.  Something to keep in mind next time.  So, I got that taken care of and got out on the water!

I had just enough power to cruise around pretty good out in the waves.  I definitely noticed the fast turning speed and pretty good drift with the nomad.  Those are characteristics that I’m happy about to have in a high wind wave riding session.  The disappointing part about the nomad was it’s lift and hang time.   Of course I’m not used to the kite, but when I boosted there was not a lot of lift and when I did get to the apex of the jump, it felt like I would just get dropped back down.  I didn’t buy the kite for it’s boosting ability, but to be able to manuever quickly in the waves, so overall I’m pretty stoked with it.  Maybe I just need to move the kite forward and back more during the course of the boost.  Or throw in some kite loops 🙂