North Shore Storm Riding

Jetty and I met up after work last night at North Shore beach  to try and catch some wind and waves.  When we arrived the wind was lIght out of the south, the sky was gray, and it was drizzling lightly.  We decided to rig up anyway because the forecast called for 20 plus knots that evening.  I had just about finished rigging up when the storm cloud that was overhead passed and the wind shifted within seconds to the north.  We barely had time to grab our kites before they would have blown away.  My lines got tangled in the process and by the time I got on the water it was only blowing around 12 knots.  I did the walk of shame a few times and it started raining harder and clouds grew overhead.  The wind did also.  By this time Jetty had rigged up but somehow had dumped his kite while walking upwind.  I took a quick ride on my 15 meter and realized that I was getting way overpowered.  With the unpredictable weather I didn’t want to chance it and brought my kite down and grabbed Jetty’s 12 meter. The kite felt just right and I was stoked to get back on the water. The choppy waves bouncing off the pier were fun to launch over and I had 10 minutes of great kiteboarding before the wind died again. Jetty had just finished rigging his 8m but the wind was too low for any kite so we packed up and left. We grabbed a burrito at Butch’s and stopped at the legion for a couple brews. Looking out the window the trees started swaying and we both got a sinking feeling that we should have stayed at the beach. Sure enough there were some muted flying at city beach in Grand Haven. Lesson learned! Looking forward to the next windy day.