Riders on the Storm

As the days get shorter and nights get cooler the fact that summer will soon come to a close has been on my mind. While I could have used a little more wind tonight I still had a great sesh at North shore due to the warm summer conditions. Below are a few pics of the kiters and surfers that were out tonight before the storm hit and brought with it a full on double rainbow. 

Matt getting the OR Mako Duke Ready for it’s maiden voyage. I(Jeff) have got a long way to go to learn how to Jibe a directional!
Good turnout of sufers, stand up paddle boarders, and kiteboarders tonight. Saw a few get some good rides.

Taking a break to setup the 14.5M while the storm looms in the distance.

After the storm rolled in this guy went into beast mode on his 15M in 30+ knots of wind. Ended up having to punch out but it was fun to see him go after it!
Get it!!!
Matt watching the madness from shore with his Bro. Matt has been cultivating his bromance with Bro-Kite for many years now and takes his Bro board everywhere, bruh.

Double Rainbow! What does it mean?!?

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  • I enjoyed the pics and comments. We had a great sesh in Frankfort last night too. Warm air, clean waves, double rainbow. Poison sung: “it don’t get better than this.” – Papa John

    • I wondered if you got out up there. Had to have been a good setup with the SW wind. And I didn’t know you listened to Poison!

  • Jeff, if you want to learn how to gybe a directional, take an old surfboard with reasonable bouyancy (no straps) and do a downwinder on a medium day. Move your feet together in the middle of the board facing forwards and ride like that endlessly, going through complete gybes on both sides without moving your feet. This is the middle position of a two-step gybe. Once you are comfortable doing this move on to a gybe by simply moving your back foot up to that position, then after the gybe move the old front foot to the back. With time this can mature into a one-step or hop gybe (the trick here is to use the lift of the kite at 12 oclock to lighten yourself for the hop). Once comfortable with strapless you can move into doing it with straps, which is a pain but feasible. Hugh

    • Awesome tips Hugh. Definitely get a lot more practice that way and I can see how that would help get my balance down. I will try it out on a downwinder and report back to you. I felt like I was just bumbling around out there last night trying everything I could think of to stay on the board through the turn and with crazy footwork. the straps were making it super difficult to try and gybe last night. Getting my feet out of the straps was just one more thing to fight and worry about.

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