Stearn’s Park

The wind is howling, your adrenaline is pumping, and you are short of breath after you launch into that first big boost. The ice cold Lake Michigan water sprays your face as you approach a wall of water ready to swallow you whole. The powerful wave crashes behind you as you tack towards shore. Just in time…

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Great riding today at Stearn’s Park in Ludington! I was on my 8M Ocean Rodeo Razor and Matt was on his 7M Prodigy. The wind was in the mid 30 knot range for most of the afternoon and we were both fully lit when it hit 39 knots around 3 PM.

Stearns Park in the snow? Read about it here!

Waves were clean and went from waist high nearer shore to head high just past the elbow of the pier.

The wind was steady and strong. Near perfect except for at the shoreline where there was a wind shadow created by the dunes.

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This was my first ride this year at Stearn’s Park and the windiest conditions I’ve experienced here to date. I was reminded why I like riding here. Clean waves, wide open beach, and great side-shore wind  conditions. I have noticed that it takes some significant wind(~25 knots) to generate waves here out of the south so keep that in mind if you are considering wave riding here. Hope you all have been getting out over the past few weeks. It certainly has been a “November to Remember” for wind!

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Jeff learned to windsurf as a kid on the coast of Lake Michigan in Manistee and has been addicted to wind sports ever since. He took up kiteboarding after moving back to West Michigan in 2008.