Top Pics and Recap of 2018!

Whether you kite or surf the build-up and excitement of getting out on the water can sometimes be better than the actual event. Other times it’s the reverse. The wind and waves look marginal but you go out anyway and end up having one of your best rides of the summer. Sometimes you capture those rides with

a camera and other times you keep those memories to yourself. Besides, the waves and boosts are always bigger when the camera isn’t around 🙂

Overall 2018 was another great year for kiteboarding. Some highlights were the fall kite trip in Northern MI, making the front page of the Manistee newspaper, and kiting in the golf of Mexico off Dauphin Island, AL.

Got a pretty fun snowkite sesh in February on the beach. Using the shelf ice as a kicker and riding in the terrain is a blast.

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Boosting over oil rigs! Could’ve used a little more wind….

Early spring sesh in Manistee on a north wind, ending with a downwinder to pipeline beach

Lightwind day at Big Sable Point.

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Riding in the Jetty in Manistee on a perfect SW wind day in the early fall

Not too often we get the extreme close up mid air shot. Courtesy of Craig Yoas who was taking pics that evening at North Shore.

Same day and photographer catching some shredding at North Shore

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Carved up a big west wind onshore day

The three sisters in the Jetty on a huge SW day in Frankfort

Got blown off the water our first time kiting in the bay

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Classic lake effect clouds sunset

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