Torch Lake Webcam

Torch Lake is Michigan’s longest inland lake stretching 19 miles across and a popular summer destination for boaters, fishermen, and vacationers seeking an Up North getaway. Enjoy the clear blue waters and beautiful sunsets of Torch Lake via webcam thanks to the Dockside Restaurant Torch Lake and Lakeshore Systems


  • “stretching 19 miles across” doesn’t make sense! It’s 19 miles “long”!

      • First things first, I enjoy the webcam very much! I guess my objection is that the word “across” is used in the same sentence. “Across” denotes “width”, not length. Thank you, and best wishes!

  • THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For this webcam, I view it multiple times every day when I can. It is my zen. Especially seeing the sunsets in the summer makes me feel like I am there in that moment just as we are when there in person. Thanks again!

  • Thanks so much for this webcam. I look at it everyday wishing I was there. Can’t wait for this summer for another vacation in heaven.

  • Thank you! This is beautiful… Beggars aren’t chooses….but, anyway to get live water temperature on the screen? Thank you wonderful stuff!

  • Please put a web cam on the deck…have a lot of friends up there..we are from there..

  • This is GREAT! I proposed to my wife at Torch Lake and we have returned each summer for the last 15 years. This helps us pass the time till we can return.

  • Thank you for the web cam! I’m amazed that the lake hasn’t frozen over this year. I was there in early March once and it was solid ice clear across.
    We have been coming to Torch since 1936, and its still my favorite place in the whole world. We visit “our plank” every chance we get. Thanks again!!

  • Thank you for the webcam! I look at it daily wishing I were up there. Beautiful!

  • I check this site (almost) every day! Love looking at Torch Lake, puts a smile on my face and wondering how God made it sooooo blue! Boating on her 2 times and love going back. Must drive by her on the west side next time up to Charlevoix! Peggy

  • ps….Also The Dockside has wonderful food and great fun staff….thank you! Peggy

  • 10/12/17 Torch Lake looks like “blue” glass out there today! Beautiful, not a ripple, blue sky and the trees still green!

  • It’s Friday the 5th of July 2019 and I have to work. However sitting at my desk and looking at this view throughout the day helps me not feel like I’m sneaking away, thank you for that.

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