What a spring! Warm weather, wind, waves and it’s still March.  Life is good!  Got out of work at noon today, had my gear ready and drove straight to the beach.  The forecast was for 25 – 30 knots beginning SSE in the morning and rotating S by afternoon and SSW in the evening.  Wind was kicking when I pulled up and rigged my 8m for riding.  Just about ready to go and the sun comes out, then I notice the wind dropping and riders are coming onto the beach. Ugh!!  I give it about 15 minutes and everyone is just standing around.  So, I go get my 12m from the car which is a short hike through the dunes, pump it, rig it up, get ready to launch it and some clouds roll in.  Whallah!  Wind picks back up, riders head back out and I have two kites ready to go.  Well, I go back to my 8m and am on my way.  Nothing like a little extra work!  Interesting how the clouds affect wind like that.  My guess is that they force the upper wind down to ground level.  Something to keep in mind.

This was my first time riding at Waukegon (aka Waikiki) on a south wind and it was gusty with large chop forming some decent waves here and there.  Worked quite a bit on my toeside transtion and tried to put some turns down on the waves.  When I did do some boosting, it was like I was experiencing turbulence in mid flight if you can imagine that.  Gusts would lift me and drop me during the jump.  Really made judging when to bring the kite forward for landing difficult.  The Waukegon wind meter from 2 to 5 when I was riding ranges from 19 knts to 29.9 knts!  At times it felt less then 19 and I definitely felt all of the 29 at times too.  Here are two pics I snapped before I left today.

Waukegan Kiteboarding

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End of a long day kitesufing in Waukegan. Can't beat the weather for March.