Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast 4/30 & 5/1

Last Week – Close:  I was right on for Friday, which turned out be great riding and I was on for Saturday.  Sunday however, the wind never came around to the south.

Tally So Far:  Nailed It – 0, Close – 4, Way Off – 0

Water Temp:  Low 40’s, but inching up close to the mid 40’s

Today:  Enough with the east wind already!  This afternoon will be light east winds.

Saturday: More east wind, but it will start to go more NE, now especially to the north half of the lakeshore.  Still not anything to ride though.

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Sunday: The first half of the day is going to start out with E to NE wind.  However, by the second half of the day the wind will rotate around to be out of the North.  It looks like the northern half of the lakeshore could be in the 20 knot range.  Again, Manistee 1st St beach would be a good spot.  The wind will still be offshore from Holland up to LSP.

It feels like we took a step backwards in our spring progress and march towards summer this week.  It’s been cold, rainy and bad wind directions.  I am looking forward to some sunny and warm south wind thermals days.  Hopefully May will be good and windy!  Water levels are continuing to rise from what I understand.

Oldie from Little Sable Point. Riding the south thermal wind
Oldie from Little Sable Point. Riding the south thermal wind


This is a weekly blog post of my best guess at the kiteboarding conditions for the coastline of Lake Michigan from Holland north to Pt Betsie. Subscribe to automatically receive this forecast in your inbox