Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast Aug 18th & 19th

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Last Weekend:  Pretty quite last weekend with wind.  

Water Temp:  Continues to warm.  It’s 70’s and Muskegon State Park even hit 80 yesterday.  Tropical!  Nothing this weekend should change that.

Today:  North wind is going to develop for the upper half of the lakeshore this afternoon.  Manistee will probably be windy enough for some big kite riding.

Saturday:  Light and offshore early, but I think the recipe is in place for a NW thermal to develop mid to late afternoon.  I think Ludington could see it and then south from little sauble point.  Probably be best around Muskegon with winds around 15 knots. 

Sunday:  Light and variable winds.

There is a surf fest in Muskegon this weekend which could be pretty cool, especially if the wind kicks up!  It’s gonna be a hot one regardless.

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