Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast August 8th and 9th

Last week:  Nailed It!  Great job filling in to DP.  Wow, did Sunday ever turn out to be a great day for riding along the lower half of the lake MI shoreline.  Sunny, warm, and 30 knot winds with 6 foot waves.  Ooooooooooeeeeeeeeee!!  I want some more of that J

Tally So Far: Nailed It! – 10, Close –7 Way Off – 0

Friday:  Not much wind today with some light rain moving through at times.  There is a southerly flow of wind so, if there is enough anywhere to ride, it would be Little Sable Point.  It won’t be too much though, due to the cloud cover not allowing for much thermal enhancement.

Saturday:  The wind is going to start out light and SE, but by mid afternoon around Little sable point it should thermal and blow from the S to SSW side on shore.  Intensity will be determined by how much cloud cover.  Right now, I would say around 20 knots.  I know we keep harping on this, but LSP has nearly no beach, so it’s not the best spot to go this summer, especially if there are very many beachgoers around.  I’ve been saving some gas and passing on going there.

Sunday: Looks like mostly an ESE wind direction for the day.  Not really any chance for kiteboarding along the lakeshore.

Huge storms came through Michigan last Sunday.  Here are some pictures.

Great afternoon on the water
Great afternoon on the water

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As the storm rolled in later in the evening Sunday
As the storm rolled in later in the evening Sunday


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  • Not looking good for anywhere today along the lakeshore. Mostly SE wind. Not enough sun for LSP.

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