Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast Cinco de Mayo Edition

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Last Week:  I was pretty close.  It actually ended up being even windier on Friday afternoon than I thought it would be.  Saturday was great!

Water Temp:  Low 40’s.  Not much change.  

Today:  Wind will be steadily falling the rest of the afternoon out of the NW.  Still plenty of wind early afternoon for some riding.  Waves might be fairly big after gales this morning.

Saturday:  Looking light.  Should be a really nice sunny day though.  Good day for some margarita’s on the deck.

Sunday:  Looks like after the rain passes the wind will pick up out of the north.  Starting north to south along the lakeshore.  Should be a good 20 knots for a few hours in the late afternoon.

There has been no shortage of wind the last week and half.  Hopefully everyone has been able to get some action.

We got some pub this week too from the newspaper from our sesh last weekend.



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