Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast Dec. 2nd through the 4th

Last Week: Nailed It! Unfortunately it wasn’t a good weekend for kiteboarding. Not much wind.
Tally: Nailed It: 16 ……..

Water Temp: Another pretty big drop here. Water is now anywhere from mid 30’s to mid 40’s along the shoreline. Water temperatures are getting frigid and dangerous now.

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Today: A NW wind around 20 knots will continue through the rest of the afternoon. It will be a very cold ride though with the wind chill and no sun.
Saturday: Light westerly winds. Not enough to kiteboard.
Sunday: A SW wind will build later in the afternoon around 15 to 20 knots, but it won’t be a warm SW wind. It is going to stay cold and snow is forecast during the day as well.

Unless you are an absolute die hard, it doesn’t look very good this weekend for riding. I’m much less optimistic about anymore weekends to kiteboard too. The long term outlook is trending towards cold and snow. Next weekend might be a wrap for the season forecasts.

The sun is setting on this years water kiteboarding season.