Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast Dec 7th and 8th

Last Week: Nailed It!  Saturday was a great day.  The only thing is up north it took a little longer for the wind to switch from S to SW.  Didn’t matter really.  Hopefully you had a chance to check out the Snowy Stearns Park post

Tally So Far: Nailed It! – 15, Close – 20, Way Off – 2

I think I’m going to declare the water riding season over.  This weekend is looking too cold and the long term forecasts are trending cold as well.  If the weather does take a dramatic turn and a weekend is shaping up to look rideable, I will make a post.  Hopefully this was a helpful resource for kiteboarding in the west and northern Michigan areas.  It was interesting for me to really study the weather forecasts and try to make educated guesses.  I’d say the first half of summer was the most difficult for me.  Cool waters and warm air don’t always produce great conditions and thermals are hard to predict, especially the strength of the wind.  I also got a better feel for wind at LSP and the best times and directions for it.  Next year I’ll probably start back up with these on a regular basis sometime in March and I’ll have to make it a goal to improve the tally line.  Until then, good luck snow kiting and check back in from time to time for new posts, pictures and videos.

Snowkiting Last Year
Snowkiting Last Year
 This is a weekly blog post of my best guess at the kiteboarding conditions for the coastline of Lake Michigan from Holland north to Pt Betsie.   Subscribe to automatically receive this forecast in your inbox