Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast July 16th & 17th

Last Week – Nailed It!:  Saturday came through for some great riding.

Tally So Far:  Nailed It – 5, Close – 10, Way Off – 0

Water Temp:  Nice jump here.  Mid to upper 60’s with some low 70’s in some areas.

Today:  Wind out of the NNW for the rest of the afternoon for all of the lakeshore.  It should be 15 to 25 knots depending on location.  It will begin to calm down to the north and gradually to the south.

Saturday: Very light SW breeze for most of the day.  There will be a little thermal enhancement at “the points”, maybe 10 to 15 knots.

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Sunday: Looking pretty good for a sold S wind in the afternoon for the entire lakeshore.  However, it is also looking pretty rainy too, so it could be a wash out.

Last Saturday was a blast riding up in Manistee on the North wind that we had.  DP and I met up at first st beach around 9 am and there were already some kiters out there!  The wind was up the mid 20 knot range most of the morning and then dropped a little around 11 am.  Then we moved up a size higher in our kites and took off for a downwinder.  Halfway through the downwinder, the skies cleared and the sun came out and the water turned into a carribean blue.  There are some large clay cliffs right up to the edge of the water along the downwinder where my fiancé was able to get to and take pictures of us.  The cliffs also make for zero beach along portions of the downwinder so that is a bit sketchy and the clay also discolors the water a little right along the shore.  It was awesome though!  Here are some of those pictures:

IMG_3396 IMG_3424 IMG_3426 IMG_3471 IMG_3507 IMG_3517

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