Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast July 20th and 21st

Last Week: Unfortunately, pretty much right on.  No wind to speak of, however I’m not sure if Pt. Betsie or Little Sable had anything.

Tally So Far: Nailed It! – 5, Close – 10, Way Off – 1

Friday: Oh yeah! Wind on Lake Michigan should be SW around 15 to 20 knots from morning till mid afternoon from Holland to Pt Betsie with the points having more wind, maybe an extra 10 knots.  A front is passing through and will generate T-Storms, so keep an eye out.

Saturday:  Mid afternoon should bring in a 15 to 20 knot N and NW wind.  Manistee will be more North and Muskegon, Grand Haven, Holland, will be NW.

Sunday:  A NW thermal wind should pick up for Muskegon to Holland in the afternoon.  Hopefully 15 to 20 knots!

Beaches are packed right now so avoid the busiest ones and allow plenty of room for launching and landing.  Riding inside bouys at busy beaches is not a good idea either.  Other than that, should be awesome weekend!

DP and I got out and rode tonight at a spot north of Manistee, Michigan called Jim’s Beach.  Manistee is not a very good location on a South wind because it’s gusty and sometimes side off.  We were kind of short on time, so we went for it.  Tonight it was pretty much side, but definitely gusting.  Wind was probably going from 18 knots to 28 knots.  A few pics:

This is a weekly blog post of my best guess at the kiteboarding conditions for the coastline of Lake Michigan from Holland north to Pt Betsie.   Subscribe to automatically receive this forecast in your inbox.

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  • Didn’t know Tiff got some shots. Nice! Was a great session for a Manistee south wind.

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