Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast July 4th and 5th

Last Week: Close.  Saturday was a little less than what I was hoping/expecting.  Manistee never got above 15 knots and hung more around the 10 to 12 knot range.  It was rideable with a 17m kite.  Around Muskegon the wind stayed NE longer than I thought it would and finally switched N later in the afternoon.  It was more on the NNW side of north which allowed for some side shore wind to ride.  Sunday there was a light wind 12 to 15 knots from LSP to Manistee to Pt Betsie.  However it was only really rideable at Manistee because there is no beach to launch and land at the points!  Picture below…

Tally So Far: Nailed It! – 6, Close –6 Way Off – 0

Today:  A lake breeze will develop this afternoon for the entire lakeshore but I don’t think it is going to get anymore than 15 knots.  Enough for a 17m kite or with a foil board.  The beaches are going to be packed with people all day so finding a launching and landing spot will be difficult.


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The 4th of July:  It is going to be mostly calm with an even lighter lake breeze developing in the afternoon for the lakeshore.  It would be a good day to relax and take the paddle board out.

Sunday: Another calm day for wind for most of the lakeshore.  Some wind will develop in the afternoon around LSP and BSP, but again, there isn’t much beach to launch and will be busy.



Not very favorable beach conditions for us kiteboarders right now as far as room is concerned.  Tons of people will be out at the maintained beaches and the rest of the shoreline is provides little to no room with tons of debris that is just waiting to tangle lines and puncture bladders.


High water levels have left very little beach


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