Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast June 23 & 24th

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Last Weekend:  Pretty solid day last Sunday if you were willing to head north of Muskegon a little ways.  Got a good 12m session in and with the hot weather I didn’t even need a full wetsuit.

Water Temp:  Mid 60’s now for most of the lakeshore.  

Today:  East to NE wind all day.  Not good for the lakeshore

Saturday:  Light north wind all day.  There probably won’t be enough sun to get any thermal wind.

Sunday:  Light north wind to start the day.  Hopefully with more sunshine on Sunday the wind will pick up in the afternoon enough to kiteboard.  I think it could, even though the forecast doesn’t show it will right now.

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Hard to believe this was 6 years ago now when Jeff kited in Empire


This is a weekly blog post of my best guess at the kiteboarding conditions for the coastline of Lake Michigan from Holland north to Pt Betsie. Subscribe to automatically receive this forecast in your inbox