Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast Oct 20th & 21st

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Last Weekend:  Saturday the northern half of the lakeshore got some pretty good wind.  During this past week everyday has been windy.

Water Temp:  Mid to lower 50’s from south to north along the lakeshore.

Today:  Big SSW this afternoon for the entire lakeshore.  Winds should be 25 to 30 knots for the southern half of the lakeshore and 30 plus for the northern half of the lakeshore.  Expect some rain mixed in also.  Shouldn’t be a washout.

Saturday:  The last two days of southerly winds give way to a big NW and then NNW and N as the day goes on.  Should be 25 to 30 knots early and then the winds turn more north and it will increase into the 30 knot range.  Expect rain and even some snow or sleet mixed in during the day.  Probably lake effect enhanced.  I’d say a chance for waterspouts too.

Sunday:  The north wind gradually decreases over the course of the morning to a breeze.

It might not be pretty this weekend but it will be windy!  Had a great session yesterday in Frankfort.  More to come today and tomorrow.



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