Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast Sept 8th & 9th


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Last Weekend:  Saturday ended up being too stormy and then it died down after the rain passed.  However, Sunday was a little better than expected and it blew pretty much all day in the mid teen’s.  Decent for some lightwind and warm weather riding!

Water Temp:  Currently low 70’s to upper 60’s from south to north along the lakeshore, but I am afraid the lake will turnover this weekend due to the wind forecast.  That could mean temps in the 40’s and 50’s by tomorrow or Sunday.

Today:  NE wind for the lakeshore.  The only place this could be rideable is at Manistee 1st beach.  It looks like the best chance would be mid afternoon and the wind would be around 15 to 20 knots.

Saturday:  Lots of east wind.

Sunday:  Even more east wind….  I think this is all due to tropical storm Gordon moving by to our south.

I have zero experience kiting on lake Huron, but it could be epic on the east side this weekend.  Along with the west side and bottom of Lake MI.  It’s after labor day so Montrose beach in Chicago should be open for kiting, but with a streamer saying you are certified (At least that was the rule 6 years ago).  I’ve also been to Waukegon which is a pretty good spot.


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