Weekend Warrior Forecast 4/27 & 4/28

Last week: Close.  Friday was windy but too cold to go out.  Saturday was light and Sunday stayed SE all day.

Tally so far: Nailed It! – 1, Close – 3, Way Off – 0

Friday:  If you can get out in the afternoon or evening, its gonna be good from Holland up to Little Sable Point.  Wind from the South in the 20’s with warm air in the 60’s!  About time!

Saturday: Saturday looks like the best chances will be at Little Sable Point and Point Betsy if it’s sunny.  It will be too light everywhere else along the lakeshore.  Typically with South winds you can expect an extra 10 knots at these two points on nice sunny day in the afternoon.

Sunday:  Sunday looks similar to Saturday.  Winds should pick up at Little Sable and Pt Betsy again assuming the sun is out.

Friday looks like a sure thing, but I would consider making the drive to the two points if you can on Saturday and Sunday.  I’ve been to LSP before when 10 to 15 knots were forecast and it picks up to 25 to 30 knots.  The picture below was one of those days, taken from the top of the lighthouse.  The good news is that we are expecting our first warm weekend of the year with temps in the 60’s and a good amount of sun.  Whatever you’re up to, get outside and enjoy!

View from Lighthouse at Little Sable Point

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