Weekend Warrior Forecast April 6th & 7th

Last week: Didn’t post.  Week before last.  Close.  Unfortunately no riding all three days.  So, I was off on Saturday.  Clouds never cleared enough for thermal.

Tally so far: Nailed It! – 1, Close – 1, Way Off – 0

Friday:  Afternoon NW thermal for Muskegon to Holland.  Should be reaching 20 kots.

Saturday: Saturday is looking like a S to SW in the mid to low 20’s for noon through the rest of the day.  The problem is that it’s supposed to rain with chances of T-storms mixed in as well.  I think/hope, the rain will not be nonstop and provide some windows of opportunity in the afternoon.  Best spots will be from Holland up to Whitehall

Sunday:  Afternoon NW thermal for Manistee, Ludington, and Muskegon to Holland.  Should be reaching 20 knots.

 This is a pretty optimistic forecast, but why not?  It looks like the warmest weekend we’ve had since January!  Gitty up!

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