Ride to Survive

The lighthouse took most of the beating today :-)
The lighthouse took most of the beating today 🙂

After being spoiled with a long Indian Summer last year I can’t say that the recent sleet and snow has been a welcome site. Sure I complain  about having to break out the cold weather gear but now that its out I’m ready to ride until the Lake ices over.

The westwardly onshore winds have been kicking up some messy waves and have made kiting this fall an exercise of survival more than anything else.  We’ve been getting some good kiting sessions in over the past week but today was crazy when we met up with a couple local riders at Holland State Park.  The wind had been blowing up to 50 knots overnight  and sounding like it was going to break the windows of my house so we knew the waves were gonna be insane on the Big Lake this morning, and they were! Check out some photos from the day below…



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