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Holland State Park – Wind Directions: S, SSW, SW, WSW, W 

Huge beach with tons of parking.  Jam packed in the summer on the weekends.  Might be one of the best spots for kiteboarding on a SSW and SW wind in southern West Michigan.  Expect to pay for for entry during the late spring, summer and early fall.

Tunnel Park (north of Holland State Park) – Wind Directions: S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW, NNW

Option just north of Holland state Park if the park is too crowded or the wind is out of the north.   There is no pier here, but there is a cool little tunnel that goes through the dune.  Tunnel park is part of the Ottawa County Parks system and will require a pass during the peak months.

Riley Beach(Holland) – Wind Directions: S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW, NNW, N

Riley road dead ends at a public beach.  Very small access with limited parking.  Residents around will complain about trespassing, dogs, etc.. but it is a great launch point for a short downwinder to Tunnel park.

Kirk Park – Wind Directions: S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW, NNW, N

Ottawa county park halfway between Holland and Port Sheldon.  Good spot to start or end a downwinder from Holland.  Tons of parking with a short walk to the beach.

Olive Shores County Park – Wind Directions: S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW, NNW, N

First park north of Port Sheldon and is a Ottawa county park.  Warning: major dune to climb with stairs to get to the beach.

Grand Haven – Wind Directions: W, WNW, NW, NNW Click here for video!

Memorial day through labor day Grand Haven beach is really busy but when it’s windy you can typically find an open space to launch just south of the Bil Mar restaurant. If it looks windy get to the beach early because parking fills up quick.  Work your way upwind by the pier to boost in the flat water or stay put and play around in the surf.  Be careful while riding a north wind late into the evening as the wind will sometimes drop suddenly and shift to the east.  A true north is a little gusty here and we suggest heading further south to Riley Beach or Tunnel Park in those conditions.

North Shore(North of the Grand Haven Pierhead) – Wind Direction: S, SW, WSW, W Click here for video!

North shore is a great place to kite.  The water is extremely flat by the pier on a south/soutwest  wind. A straight south wind is a little offshore and it also creates a dead zone up the beach a little ways near shore.  Be mindful that it is a private beach and keep your gear by the pier while you are on the water.  Note during the fall season this is a popular spot for fisherman.  One fisherman said he snagged three kiters so when in doubt take a moment to ask the fisherman where their lines are and stay clear.

North Beach Park (Just N of Ferrysburg) – Wind Direction: S, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW

North beach park is a good place to kite towards the beginning or the end of the season.  During the middle of summer this beach gets packed and you have to pay to park.  The park is surrounded by private beach to the north and south with fencing to keep beach goers from venturing past the shoreline.

PJ Hoffmaster State Park(Muskegon) – Wind Direction: S, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW

Hoffmaster is a good option if Grand Haven State Park or Pere Marquette are too busy to find parking and a place to launch or land.  The parking lot is only a couple hundred yards from the beach.  The beach gets pretty busy so you will have to hike north or south another couple hundred yards to find a safe launch point.  Nice secluded beach to ride in West Michigan with no houses on the shoreline.  It’s a nice getaway from the summertime tourist crowds. The only downside is no Jetty or other structure to break the Lake Michigan currents and break up the waves.

Lake Harbor Park(Muskegon) – Wind Direction: S, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW

Lake Harbor park is just north of Hoffmaster and is very similar only it’s not a state park so you don’t need to pay to park.  The hike to the beach is pretty long and you’ll likely be the only one on the water.  Mona Lake outlets into Lake Michigan at the south end of the park.  Feel free to kite anywhere there is enough space to launch and land.

Pere Marquette(Muskegon) Wind Direction: N, NW, W, WNW

Mackite runs their kite school out of this location and kiters tend to congregate on this beach for good reason. This beach is well known for thermal winds that pick up in the afternoon.  You may arrive at this beach in the early afternoon and be disappointed at your bad luck only to be out on the water an hour later with a perma grin!  The designated launch area is marked by orange cones and is necessary to use during busy days at the beach.

Muskegon State Park Wind direction: S, SW, WSW, W click here for video!

Located in North Muskegon this state park takes a little time to get to from the US31 freeway but is worth the wait.  The main beach area is very wide and the park encompasses 2 miles of shoreline.  Good place to kite on a south wind.  If wind conditions look marginal just keep on heading north to Little Sable Point.

McMillan Rd End(Fruitland Twp) Wind Directions: NW, W. SW, S, SSE

McMillan Rd end beach is across the street from the Red Rooster Tavern.  Like most road ends there is private property on either side of the park but that being said it’s a fairly wide beach.  Launching and landing your kite shouldn’t be a problem here.  Low bluffs line the beach and a there is a new stairwell that makes for easy access to the beach. Parking is pretty limited.  Best riding conditions are on a northwest or south.  Be careful when riding at the north end of the beach because there are remnants of an old dock still sticking out of the water.

Duck Lake State Park(Whitehall) Wind Directions: NW, W, SW, S, SSE

Duck Lake outlets into Lake Michigan at this state park.  Lots of parking directly across the street from the beach and a walkway underneath the road.  Duck Lake looks tempting but don’t try kiteboarding here!  Stick to Lake Michigan.  The beach is nice and wide and on a good south wind with high water levels you can kite a little way up the river.

White River Light Station(Whitelake) Wind Directions: S, SW, WSW, W, NW
Medbery Park(Montague) Wind Directions: S, SW, WSW, W, NW   Click here for a video!, Video number 2!

Medbury Park is 600 feet of public beach north of whitelake channel.  Nice rustic beach with picnic area for the family.  We’ve kited here several times on a southwest wind direction and had a great time.  The pier head breaks up the waves and creates some nice rollers a few hundred yards to the north.  It’s a really scenic place to ride in West Michigan.  The dunes to the north remind me of Frankfort.   A true south is offshore near the pierhead.  The parking lot is fairly large and it’s a short walk along the pier to the beach.


Meinert Park  Wind Directions S, SW, WSW, W, NW Click here for a 360 video 

Meinert Park is a best for a south/southwest wind direction or a medium length downwinder to Little Sable Point.  The parking lot is large and can accommodate a lot of people on busy summer days.  It’s a nice wide beach with few houses to the north and south giving the beach an unihabited “up north” feel.  The only drawback is that there is a parking fee of $5.  If you want to avoid this fee and enjoy a similar kiting experience  go  to Claybanks Township Park or Park Rd(Road End) a few miles north.

Claybanks Township Park Click for 360 degree video

Little Sable Point Wind Direction: S, SSW, SW, W, WNW, NW Click here for video!

Little Sable Point is one of the most popular locations for kiters.  Little Sable is a “point” and because of this it juts out into the lake and gets more wind than many areas along the lakeshore, especially when the wind is coming from the south(a straight south can be gusty and fierce!).  The beach at the south end is not very wide and can get a little crowded in the summer  but is kiteable in a lot of wind conditions.  Make sure to to walk far enough south down the beach to avoid all beachgoers. *This is a Michigan state park, so there will be parking fees if you are out of state. No roadside parking allowed.  Also, the parking lot will fill up on the weekends, so you might have to wait for a spot to open up.  It usually doesn’t take long though, becuase many people just come to see the lighthouse and don’t stay long.  Best conditions are on a southwest.

Cedar Point Park(Mears, MI) Rideable Wind Directions: NNE, N, NW,W,WSW, SW, SSW Click here for video!

Got a chance to ride at Cedar Point Park in May on a northwest wind which is pretty much onshore.  It is a remote spot for West Michigan but the beach is very accessable from the parking lot.  They also had nice big porta-johns that you could use for changing out of your suit when you got done with your session.  The beach is very beautiful.  There are only a few houses and you can see the Pentwater breakwall in the distance to the North.  Definitely will go back to this kiteboarding spot.

Charles Mears State Park(Pentwater, MI) Rideable Wind Directions: SSW, SW, W, NW, N Click here for video!

Great place to ride on a Southwest wind. A short pier head breaks up the waves just enough to smooth them out and create some flat riding by the breakwall. To ride in Pentwater you will have to park at Charles Mears State Park. This is no problem during the off season but during summer months it may be difficult to find a spot. Pentwater is a quaint resort town and there are some fun restaurants and places to stay. It’s only a 45 minute drive from Grand Haven and is my new favorite for a SW wind.

Ludington South Beach Wind Direction: W, WNW, NW

There are two beach access points to the South of the Ludington Jetty.  As you come towards Lake Michigan after passing White Pine Village from the south, you will see a small gravel parking lot with a short path to the beach.  About a mile further down you can get access right next to the pier.  There is a small paved parking lot on the beach side of the road just before some tennis courts.  There is a sidewalk through the dunes that takes you right to the pier.  Best wind direction is NW.

Ludington North Beach (Stearns Park): Wind Direction: S, SSW, SW, WSW 

Excellent riding here on a strong S to SW wind. In the fall, waves will wrap around the north pier to create large clean swell.  Good wide open beach with only a few summer weekends that might approach being too busy.

Big Sable Point (Ludington State Park): Wind Direction: S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW   Click here for video!

Middle of the 3 major points on the Lake Michigan shoreline and one of Michigan’s best state parks.  However, from past experiences, a S wind will not be as strong here as at Little Sable Point.  Very scenic area with plenty of room due to the long stretch of accessible beach.  *Roadside parking is allowed here to avoid paying state park fees  *Bring your bike and ride down the paved path to the lighthouse and kite at the true point.

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