M22 Beach Hunt

Road End in Pierport

It’s been a good holiday with family so far and now that we are back in Manistee I got the itch to take a drive up M22 to see if there were any public access beaches that I wasn’t familiar with that would be good spots for kiting(I’m not hardcore enough yet or have the gear to go out in below freezing weather so I was just scouting).  At minimum I thought that some of these locations might be good access points for downwinders.  My buddy Clint joined me on the trip and helped me take some pics when my camera died.

In Michigan, it is common for a road that ends at the lake to have public access so that is what I was looking for during the drive.  I found several spots along the way to Frankfort that I had forgotten about or never been to before.  Its important to be respectful of the private property owners on either side of the public access point road ends so that public access doesn’t become restricted.  Sometimes the public beach is only the width of the road and you don’t want your favorite spot to end up like 121st Ave in Gagnes Township where the public and private citizens have been involved in a long battle over who has rights to the beach.  Parking is also limited at road ends so plan ahead and get to the beach early to claim your spot.  I’ll be posting some new galleries over the next few days of the access points I came across along M22.  Looking forward to spring so I can do more than daydream about kiting these locations!