Weekend Kiteboarding Forecast Oct 21st & 22nd

Last Week:  Nailed It!  Sunday was huge!  The wind was actually blowing in the 40’s and more out of the N than the NW, but close enough.  You can read up on how we spent our day here.

Tally So Far:  Nailed It – 12, Close – 12, Way Off – 1

Water Temp:  Dropped a little into the low 60’s for the lakeshore.

Today:  South wind for the rest of the afternoon.  It will be a little on the light side from Holland to Grand Haven, but it picks up the further north you go.  From Muskegon north it should be 15 to 20 knots with the points being 25 knots +

Saturday:  Repeat of Friday.  Not bad!

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Sunday:  The south wind continues for the first half of the day until a cool front with some rain enters the area.  

Almost a month ago now we had a pretty big North wind too where I spent the day kiting in Manistee.  It was an epic wave day there.  The Manistee County Visitors Bureau happened to come down to the beach that day and take some good pictures.  Hopefully these give an idea of the conditions:


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